Q. Are students of an Architectural Technology programme eligible to participate the competition?

A. Student and Architectural Technology program would not be eligible to participate UNLESS part of a multidisciplinary team which includesat least one architecture student.


Q. Our team has 3 members, all having recently completed architecture degrees - however I am the only member who was a registered student at the time of the competition opening (23rd May 2012).Are we eligible to submit a project as a design team with only one member registered as a student?

A. No. Only those enrolled at some point during the competition are eligible to enter and can be part of a team.


Q. How many members are allowed in a team?

A. There is no restriction on the number of team members.


Q. Can Interior Design students and other disciplines compete?

A. No, only Architecture students can compete UNLESS they are in a group where at least one other person is an Architecture student.


Q. I am in my last year of my architecture programme and currently undertaking research for my thesis. Is the competition only open to postgraduate students who are not conducting thesis research?

A. You are still completing your professional architecture degree qualification and are therefore eligible.


Q. Currently I am not a student. I finished my part II qualification in the UK in July 2011. However I will be returning to be a student again from September 2012 at a University for the part III course there. I will therefore be a student at the time of the submission. Am I eligible to enter?

A. As you have concluded your Part 2 degree you are not eligible to enter.


Q. I completed my Masters of Architecture, which is a coursework programme, in July 2012. Am I eligible to enter?

A. Yes. The brief states that students who ‘at any time during the competition from the launch on 23 May 2012 until submissions close on 11 January 2013 are registered at a Higher Education Institution’ are eligible to enter (revision to competition ‘Eligibility’ made on 24.06.12).


2.1 Q. What level of structural detail is required for this competition since it is open to first year as well as final yearstudents?

A. The level of structural detail you wish to show (or not) is up to you – there is no specific requirement for this information.


2.2 Q. Is there any specification as to the chosen site for our design i.e. location and size of the site. Does the design have to provide housing for a minimum number of individuals?

A. No requirements for these matters are given. The design scenario, covering all factors, is for you to propose and the brief says “The size of the design proposition is not important in itself, but the design should be “distinctive” and compelling, with cultural value.”

2.4 Q. Is it compulsory for all entrants to have a real site? Can we have a site which does not really exist but is imagined?

A. An important part of the brief and judging criteria is design response to context;

‘The jury will be looking for proposals that respond to a deep understanding of the social and physical contexts within your selected site location.’

‘The jury will select the winning schemes based on the following;

  • Culturally, functionally and economically appropriate for the selected context
  • Design resolution for local context in terms of climate and materials
  • Incorporates best practices for sustainable design to suit the context’

To achieve this you must have a real site.



Q. Where do I find my User ID?

A. After logging on to your account, click on 'My Account' on the right hand side panel. Below your username there is an option to 'VIEW' your profile. After clicking on this option, you will notice that the page URL now displays 'www.wisecompetition.com/user/??' (where '??' is your userID).


Q. Once I have paid when will I receive myUser ID number?

A. As soon as CAA is able to confirm receipt of your payment we will change the status of your account to ‘Entrant’ and you will be able to log in and find your User ID number (see question 3.1 ‘Where do I find my User ID number?’ above).


Q. Where is the registration form?

A. Go to the Brief page via the tab on main menu bar. The form can be downloaded via a button with the title ‘Registration Form’ at the top of the page.


Q. If I am one of the winners do I have to travel to Bangladesh to present my design and to collect my prize? If I am unable to come how will I receive my prize?

A. If you win we will invite you to the CAA Conference in Dhaka, Bangladesh but you do not have to come to present you design. If you are not able to come we will send the prize money to you by bank transfer, bank draft cheque, or PayPal according to your preference.


Q. How do I register for the competition?

A. Click on ‘Register’ on the top menu bar (dark red colour) and create a user account. You will then be sent an email with a password. Once you have paid the registration fee you will be confirmed as an entrant.


Q. Is there a closing date for registration?

A. Yes, registration closes on 7th December 2012 to allow sufficient time for payment and confirmation as an entrant to allow submission (revision to competition ‘Key dates’ made on 16.07.12).


Q. Paypal doesn't support Nigeria.  My bank in Nigeria advises that I can make a transfer in UK Dollars using my domiciliary dollar account.  May I make the transfer in Dollars?

A.  You may pay in dollars but please ensure that all transfer charges are paid by you and that you add £5.00 (dollar equivalent) for charges that our bank will make for the conversion.


Q. Paying online is impossible for me. Is there any other way payment can be made?

A. You can also pay by international bank transfer, bank draft, or cheque drawn on a UK bank account.  Once you have created a user account full details of these options will be available to you.



Q I want to make a bank transfer to pay the registration fee but my bank requires the SWIFT code or IBAN number for CAA's bank.  These are as follows: 


IBAN No GB31 RBOS 160102 11730124


Q. I am having difficulties making the registration fee payment and may not be able to get this to CAA by the 7th December 2012.  Will I be excluded from the competition?

A We have noted that you intend to pay the registration fee and we will not exclude you from making a submission because we have not received payment from you by the 7th December.  However you will not be able to upload your files until we can confirm receipt of your payment.


Q.  I have paid the registration fee but my account has not been coverted to entrant status and/or I have not received my user ID.

A There could be a number of reasons for this:

  • You have made a bank transfer in which case it can take up to 5 days for the money to reach our account.
  • We cannot find your WISE account because you did not give us your username.
  • We have not received payment from you.
  • We have not received your bank draft or cheque.

In all cases please tell us when and how you paid and your username.  Please include a scan of any payment transaction record that you have.  You will will be able to enter the competition (provided we receive payment before the closing submission date) and we will take action as FAQ 3.2 above when we get your payment.


Q.  Is it possible to have a Certificate of Participation after the competition?

A.  Yes we will issue these on request only.


Q.  I want to pay a single sum of £200 for 4 entrants via PayPal.  Can I do this?

A.  No our PayPal account is only set up to receive a single entry payment of £50. 



4.1 Q. How will the A1 sheets be aligned and can they be presented side by side?

A. You may arrange the sheets as you wish and the drawings or images may continue across the sheets.

4.2 Q. How many A1 sheets may I submit?

A. Two (2) only.

4.3 Q. The resolution specified for the A1 sheet submission files is 300dpi. Is this for two (2) sheets or 300dpi for each?

A. The 300dpi (Dots Per Inch) specified is the minimum scan resolution for each uploaded pdf format file.

4.4 Q. Can I mention my selected site location for the design on my A1 sheets and brief?

A. You may mention the location of your site in your submission in such a way that the reference does not disclose your identity.

4.5 Q. Can I mention any fictional names in my brief or presentation sheet in order to explain my designedscenario?

A. You may mention fictional names on your submission to explain your design provided that references do not disclose your identity.

4.6 Q. Are Multiple Drawings/Illustrations allowed on each board?

A. Yes

4.7 Q. Can symbolic illustrations be allowed together with 300 word brief and the 300 word explanation of design rationale?

A. No only text may be included.

4.8 Q. How do I identify my submissions?

A. Put your User ID number (see Question No. 3.1 ‘Where do I find my User ID number?’ above) in the top right corner of each A1 (drawings) and A4 (brief and design rationale) sheet in 24pt plain white text on dark backgrounds (or black text for light backgrounds). Then include your User ID number as part of your file name as shown under the heading ‘Documents and File naming’ in the brief.

Remove any other identifying information to avoid disqualification.


Note that any previous reference to Registration ID or Entrant ID means User ID (revision to site made 14.11.12)


Q I have sent my registration form to you. Is this correct?

A. No you must upload with your submission as specified in the brief.


Q. How can I change my account from individual entrry to Team entry and / or add more team members?

A. Log into your account and click 'Entrant details' at the side.  You will then be able to edit your account.


Q. I have changed my address / phone number. Can I edit my user account?

A. Log into your account and click ‘Entrant details’ at the side. You will then be able to edit your account.